A bit of history

Our architects and designers constantly and carefully monitor the environment, they accept and develop changes, research fashion and architectural, as well as sociological, changes and transform them into unique design.


The begining

This is how it's began

TIMBERCRAFT is furniture company which rose from its subsidiary TIMBER AND HARDWARES LTD. which was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 1953 by the Registrar of Companies (Cap. 212), Tanzania. The Company, since incorporation in 1953, has executed successfully many projects in Dar es Salaam as well as up Country Regions.


First 10 years

Love at the first sight

The company has been a hardwood furniture manufacturer, principally involved in design, manufacture and sale of home and office furniture products. Our customers are mainly wholesalers, retailers, chain stores and traders. After several years of development, it is now Tanzania’s Brand Furniture Supplier. Our success is Centred on owning the required and modern resources. The Company has highly qualified and experienced technical staff and sufficient plant and equipment for all types of furniture and joinery works. Timbercarft can make custom hardwood furniture as per customer demand.



We strive to offer elegant home and office furniture products at better rates, quality and delivery time. The results are virtually beyond your expectations, giving you exceptional satisfaction that is simply our commitment. We are dedicated to producing the very best custom furniture to suit every style. As home styles have evolved over the years, Timbercraft has evolved too, keeping step with the fashion trends of the day. This dynamic and flexible spirit is at the heart of everything we do and has been a key factor in the continued growth of our business. What has remained constant over the years is an unyielding passion for quality - exceptional design, impeccable craftsmanship and enduring value.




Timbercraft furniture puts QUALITY first. Since the first day of building the workshop, construction and production was required according to Tanzanian and international standards. Simultaneously Timbercraft’s wood are certified and approved by the forestry reserve of Tanzania. The pride and detail Timbercraft puts into our furniture translates into quality you can trust. We make the extra effort to go above and beyond to bring you superior craftsmanship and timeless design.

The TIMBERCRAFT Brand unceasingly increases technology development and improves workmanship and production equipment while ensuring product quality. Every year, a large amount of money is invested to expand the workshop, acquire the new equipment, also promoting new products for production efficiency enhancing, production cost reducing, and providing the consumer with the best performance-to-price product.